Zoological Gardens Wuppertal

Zoological Gardens Wuppertal
I was in the Zoo here in Wuppertal with a friend on Friday. And yes, we saw Anori. She is so sweet, but we had to wait a while to see here. It was cold but sunny. Just the best weather for a Zoo visit. We took a lot of Photos. And here is the first Part of our Zoo Photos. I think I will split it in two parts. The second part will also come this week. The last time I was in the Zoo was 2010 in Dezember. I posted photos but they got lost after the blog move. I don´t have a lot of time today. I have to tidy up my cellar, despite the fact that I feel sick.
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  • Wuppertal-Zoo-4
  • Wuppertal-Zoo-5
  • Wuppertal-Zoo-6
  • Wuppertal-Zoo-7
  • Wuppertal-Zoo-8
  • Wuppertal-Zoo-9
  • Wuppertal-Zoo-10
  • Wuppertal-Zoo-11
  • Wuppertal-Zoo-12
  • Wuppertal-Zoo-1

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