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My last trip to Brussels was in 2012, but these pictures were taken during a day trip by train in 2011. From Aachen you can get to Brussels in about 2 hours (you can take the same train to Oostende). Arrived in Brussels we first landed in a completely different corner than planned and my French knowledge was felt not available. Brussels reminded me very much of Paris. Unfortunately, the time has robbed me of some memories of the day trip and from today’s point of view I would stay at least one night. Because we were quite finished in Germany in the evening. Despite the hustle and bustle of the big city, Brussels felt at home in many corners. Especially in the older parts of the city. After 2011 I was again at the airport in Brussels on my way to Rome and in 2012 mainly in the city centre. On my last trip, the train was on strike on that day of all days and so there were replacement buses between Aachen and Brussels. Which took much longer, alone until one was out of Brussels it took more than an hour. At that time I had my Dan Brown audio book phase. So I was able to distract myself from the nausea that came up every now and then. Since my childhood I can sit uncanny in coaches.

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