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Jewelry Storage

Jewelry Storage

Today I show you how I organize my jewelrys. I have a lot of necklaces, earrings and bracelets and I don´t like it, when I have to search long after pieces. Sometimes I need fast a necklaces and the I need to know where I find it. Maybe you find some inspiration to organize your pieces. I collected all my things over more than ten years.

  1. I call it “my jewelry tree”. I draped it with my bracelets, clocks and rings. I`ve got my tree from NANU-NANA. But you can find tree´s in many accessories shops. I didn`t want a silver or white one. I like black and how it looks on my dresser.
  2. A look on my dresser (from IKEA 😉 ). I have two big boxes, two wooden box and some small boxes full with accessories. I maybe will sell some on my blog, but I don´t know when at the moment.
  3. I have my scrunchies and bobby pins in two wooden boxes. The boxes are from IKEA (Bath Department).
  4. Another view on my dresser.
  5. The rods were normally created for kitchens but I saw it in one of perenliebeleis videos using them for necklaces. It is really practical, because I have more space inside dresser.
  6. The hooks are apposite to the rods. You can find them in the Kitchen Departmend. Mostly they are in the upper floor, not in the market hall. They also have cases (in different colors) or other hooks for the rods.

jewelry tree: NANU-NANA
wooden boxes: IKEA
brown boxes: IKEA
little boxes: Glossybox
rod: IKEA
hooks: IKEA

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