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With the Netherlands I connect many beach walks and rough weather. Most of the time I was in October in the area around Westkapelle. Despite wind and rain the area has something totally relaxing. And if you feel like a bit more exercise, you can rent bicycles. Unfortunately I can’t say anything about public transport. Apart from a return trip by train, we were on the way by car besides the bicycle excursions. However, this return journey had it in itself. I was alone at that time on the way because I had to return rather and apart from tiny chunks I did not understand Dutch. Especially a train looked very adventurous and reminded me rather of a film from the 60s. Until Utrecht I had to change trains 2 times. From Utrecht I took the ICE to Frankfurt. Meanwhile my last trip was a few years ago and the memory fades a bit. A sign for new memories? This time perhaps in spring. With a ticket from VRR you can go to Venlo, for example.

Westkapelle and Surroundings
Middelburg and Zierikzee

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