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Summer of 91

Summer of 91


hat kept me in this photo from 91 are not my light blond hair which I had at that time, but the construction site which you can see in the background. We lived in Langen in a skyscraper, which was considered top modern at that time. If you come from Langen or know the area, you might have heard something about the Alpha skyscraper. In the meantime it has probably no longer the best reputation, but at that time it was not different. We moved to Mainz about 4 years after this photo was taken. I still have contacts and family in the area, but less in Langen.

What fascinated me so much about the construction site, however, is the fact that I can no longer remember them. Only at the finished house in which later my ENT doctor was and in the house beside it the Kaiser’s (later I believe Tengelmann). The view from our apartment sometimes reaches up to the Frankfurt airport + landing planes (not to be seen in the picture because other direction). Later in summer 91 the right school started for me. No preclass anymore, but the 1st class.

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