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First School Day

First School Day


I had my very first day of school a year before, but these pictures are also from a school start. And that’s the one into the 1st class. Before I went into the 1st class, I had to go one year into the preliminary class. At that time you had to take an aptitude test to see if you were mature enough for the 1st class if you had a birthday close to the deadline. My birthday was the deadline and I can still remember that I partly had no idea what the nice lady wanted from me. So it was the first test of my life and I flew right through it. Looking back, the preclass was good for me, because I wasn’t in kindergarten and as an only child and almost the only child in the family I needed the time to shape my social behavior. I was a very shy child and have lived in my own world until now. I had already posted a throwback in 2014 at my time in the pre-class. You can read it HERE.

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