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Müngstener Brückenpark

The pictures of the Müngstener Bridge, which is not far from Castle Burg, were taken in July 2015 in over 40 degrees heat. I have also been here before. As soon as I find the picture there will be a throwback. As already mentioned it was a very hot July day, but you still have enough shade because of the trees. I can’t remember the bridge park that well, but I had the feeling that a lot has changed there in the last years. In July 2015 the bridge was closed again for a while because of construction work, which you can see on the pictures. Directly under the bridge a kind of protection tunnel was set up. It’s always possible for something to fall down during construction work.

The bridge park can be reached not only by car but also by bus (from Remscheid and Solingen) and as far as I know the S/ stop Solingen-Schaberg is not far away. On the way back the way via S-Bahn is however with
a respectable increase. Just typical for the Bergische Land ;).

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