Vegetarian Challenge

Vegetarian Challenge

In the world of influencers, you feel like you’re kicking off a shitstorm when you say you’re not eating vegan. And the reasons to eat vegan or vegetarian have been clear to me for a long time. On the one hand, there are the animals. All my life I have lived animals and even filming cartoons has hurt my heart when an animal has suffered. Nevertheless, I ate meat at the same time. It simply belonged to my family and later when I understood what it means to be meat, I continued to do it. Then came the time of my eating disorder and so for the first time in my life I fed myself exclusively vegetarian. But then I gave it up again when I went into therapy and later I only have to mention the word vegetarian and my family, especially my grandmother, started alarm bells. Since I was so worried if she was worried about me, I let her love it. That relaxed a bit when I moved to Cologne and now lived alone.

The years went by and the time came when I got sick (maybe I’ll write an extra contribution sometime, but I’m not that far yet). During this time I have been busy with what I can do for my health besides the medication I had to take. However, I lacked the strength to change something and I had my worried grandma in mind. The last weeks since the cancer diagnosis in my family have changed a lot for me. I now have the strength to change something. I haven’t felt good for a long time after the meat was on my plate. And to find out if I feel better without meat, I have to test it.

That’s why I started my own challenge yesterday. For one month (up to and including June 9th) I will feed myself vegetarian and document here weekly (Saturdays) how it works. So how do I cope with the change, whether my health improves and how do I continue afterwards?

Why not vegan? Well, this step would still be too radical for me now. But I don’t rule it out for the future.

Between the posts here there will also be one or the other story on Instagram. And don’t worry, I won’t eat the vegetables away from my rats.

Days to go


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