Weekly Update KW20

Weekly Update KW20

There are weeks you’ll remember for years to come. It started with me starting to blog again and continued with a private drama. It doesn’t concern me myself but a family member, but it leads to me having to go back to Mainz in one, two or three weeks. And not to forget the Vegetarian Challenge I started this week. So far it is going well at least. What unfortunately remained on the track is the revision of RatsLittlePaws. But postponed is not cancelled.

Game of Thrones passed me by for a long time. However, the week before last I gave the series a chance and to have at least a small overview, I watched YouTube videos. Whether it is THE series for me now, I’m not sure yet and unfortunately the last episode will soon run.

Who’s James Charles? I feel I live on the moon that only through the drama around him I heard his name for the first time. Ok even with German influencers he often goes like that to me. For me, the word influencer still sounds like a disease.

Voting by mail! This year I will vote via postal ballot again. This time because I do not know whether I am in Remscheid on 26 May. But voting is absolutely important, even if I can understand that many have lost confidence after the Article13 story. It also seemed to me like a single children’s theatre, but that is exactly why it is important that you express your opinion and vote, is a form of it. If you are unsure which party suits you best, you can use the Wahl-O-Mat. For me it only serves as confirmation, because actions in the past are more important to me than election promises. People can say a lot and, as we have seen, parties themselves are not deterred from messing up a coalition agreement.

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