What happened? – Life Update

What happened? – Life Update

The last months were like last year a roller coaster and in between there was no space and no energy for blogging. And after a long time of thinking I decided to return to my old blogname. And even though the roller coaster ride isn’t over yet, I wanted to start blogging again. I had to make a lot of decisions in the last weeks and also think about my future and plans. I pressed the pause key for a few months to also take care of my health (I survive to write an extra post). In April we received a shock message. A close family member (not my grandma!) got the diagnosis Darmkresbs. Incurable. Since it is not my diagnosis, I will keep it private who it is about. Only so much, it was drastic. The whole also has the consequence that I must drive in the coming months more frequently down to Hessen. Cancer was never present in our family. And even if the diagnosis is incurable, I hope that the treatments will enable us to continue together for a few more years. So what is the next step here? Well, I’m currently working on a few contributions. Among others one about Mainz. It’s crazy that I haven’t posted a single article about the city that has shaped my life so much.

All the news about my rats will soon be on RatsLittlePaws.com. I also have to revise this blog. The noses have also changed a lot and unfortunately we are in a sad phase again.

Tomorrow a post about my grandmother comes online again. Her dementia situation hasn’t changed much. There are good and bad days. The daily care and a regular daily routine helped her a lot. Furthermore there is a new Facebook page, because it turned out that Facebook is rather the drama queen when it comes to name changes. In comparison, all other social media sites worked without any problems.

So now to a new one here, on the new old blog.

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