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Week Update KW24

Week Update KW24

The last week was a mess. Always too late and still something to do. So was the blog. A technical problem caused that all posts (+translations), pages and more had to be uploaded. A few posts are online again, but without translation. I don’t have the time for that, because I have to go to Mainz again this week and there are more dates to do.

But there is also good in all the drama. Gizmo is still with us. After the last veterinary appointment we had feared that he has maybe 2 weeks left. That is now 5 weeks ago and he still jumps up the floors despite the tumor and behaves as usual.

Basically it was that already. Sleepless nights, many train rides and lots of nostalgia. This week it goes on. The missing contributions come gradually again on-line. Unfortunately I don’t have the time for new contributions, so this week I will only continue on Instagram. See you next Monday then!