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3 Rat Brothers


Otto, Remy and Grisu were born in 2011 and died in 2013/2014. I had already posted on an article about the three plus video (just uploaded again). The three couldn’t be more different. Otto was clearly the boss, Grisu the crazy and Remy could be both calm and crazy. He also became the oldest at the age of 3.

Her time with me started with worries. Otto and Remy had a crooked head shortly after each other, which probably occurred due to an ear infection. However, the veterinarian could not say it one hundred percent and a small crooked posture remained also. But that never stopped both of them.

Currently I have no rats, but I would like to continue (also the Rat Gallery moved there). Here, on the other hand, there will only be something about rats from time to time in the future. The same is true for my Instagram account. But also there has its own account.

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