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Old Home


Most of the pictures of my childhood were taken in Mainz. What I sometimes found too much or annoying at that time is now very valuable to me. Just like my grandmother predicted at that time. She was the one who took the most pictures of me. After my grandpa died, she didn’t have to take care of him anymore, she had more time for me. So I was with her every other weekend and during the holidays. Even then I was drawn to Mainz again and again. Even if the situation today is different and I am grown up long ago, every time I arrive in Mainz I have this joyful tingling in my stomach.

Even if the events overshadow the joy at the moment, I have decided to move back to Mainz. Not immediately because I have to stay 2-3 years in NRW and then there is my grandmother who I cannot leave alone in Remscheid. But the goal is clear.

The photo was taken in the settlement where my grandmother lived at that time (January 1992) and later also I. I was in the last days there again and a new photo made of the environment. Of course a lot changes in 27 years and I don’t have the blue jacket anymore for a long time.

I am currently working on an extra article about Mainz, the feeling of home and what has changed in recent years. I’m still missing some pictures but it won’t be long before the article is online.

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