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Weekly Update KW32

Life after a forever Goodbye

This summer I had definitely imagined differently. A death was not one of them. In the meantime a few weeks have passed and the funeral is behind us. Luckily my grandmother is doing well. The heat plus the sadness and the stress have caused her problems, but in the meantime she is back in her everyday life. For me it is unfortunately not so easy to find back. It comes in waves. Even if the waves are smaller now than at the beginning.

But it was not only a death. At the end of June Otis died suddenly and a few days later his brother Gizmo. Therefore I am currently without rats or better said ratless. It will not always stay that way, but it may take a few months because there is still a lot to do.

I have long thought about what I want to write in the first post after my break. So many things haunted my head and yet I now realize that I am not yet ready to continue posting as before. Even if I want it. That does not mean that here again transmission pause is. I have ideas for contributions and must there now by fighting. Grief is a strange thing. Perhaps I write a contribution to it, if some time has passed and I have distance.

Alles fehlt ohne dich - Jellina

Alles fehlt ohne dich

- Jellina

There is still a lot of work on the blog itself. A new theme is online. I needed something new and this theme is the successor of one of my old themes. Many posts are still missing the translation or old posts are not yet online again. Also on it goes on soon. Still without new inhabitants. And since my train leaves tomorrow morning at half past four, I’m going to stop here for today.


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