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Dry shampoos have been part of my emergency program for years.  Especially if you didn’t feel like it or didn’t have time to wash your hair they can be real situation savers. Sometimes it also happens to me that I still have time to shower, but I lack the time to blow-dry. In summer with warm weather this is no problem but in winter already. Dry shampoos also help you out there. Although I was basically satisfied with the towelling dry shampoo from Swiss-o-Par, I also wanted to test others.

Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo

The dry shampoo from Aussie worked, but the hair was extremely hard to comb afterwards and felt like a portion of too much hair spray had been sprayed on. The smell was basically ok, but very extreme and at a certain point it gave me a headache. So I had to wash my hair before going to sleep.

Balea Trocken Shampoo

About a year ago I also tested the dry shampoo from Balea, which did nothing but a white film on my hair. Basically you can’t do much wrong with the handling, but it’s really annoying when an “emergency” product doesn’t work. Also the Balea dry shampoo lacked the volume effect. But if you’re only out for it, you should resort to real volume sprays. The probability that you will mess up your look rather than improve it is high.

Frottee Trockenshampoo von Swiss-o-Par

The dry shampoo from terry cloth is my favourite so far. It does what it should (even if a hair wash is really necessary) and if you comb it out well it does not leave a white film behind. The smell is ok, but I usually spray anyway when the window is open.


Despite the possibility of a dry shampoo I have to say that I always take enough time to wash my hair before really important appointments. The risk that a dry shampoo will not do what it is supposed to do would be too high for me. The end of the song is that I will fall back in the future on my proven product and no more experiments in the area of dry shampoos will dare.


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