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Until a few weeks ago, I couldn’t do much with podcasts. The concept was clear to me, but when the first podcasts did their laps 19 years ago, I didn’t like the content. It was followed by years of ignoring them and in between I had the feeling that podcasts were doomed to aspiration through YouTube, Instagram and Co. Think. Even as more and more Content Creator podcasts were released, it took until this summer to get my interest. And this also only because I was over the summer very frequently in Mainz and thus my data volume was limited. But you can save podcasts on your mobile phone without a lot of data and it helped me a lot with all the drama around me to get along and to find breaks. In the meantime there are 3 Podcasts which I hear regularly and which I present to you here today. And then there are 2 podcasts that will be on my list soon. I still feel like my grandma trying to understand how YouTube and Instagram work (trying to explain to her what podcasts are is next). A whole content world is passing me by all the time. With videos I quickly click on them, but with podcasts and audiobooks I’m always totally careful. This inner feeling of not wanting to be disappointed. Totally crazy. I’ve also thought about doing a podcast. But so far the time just wasn’t right. Maybe it will look different in November/December.

Herrengedeck – der Podcast

Herrengedeck is a podcast by Ariana Baborie and Laura Larsson from Berlin. They do not use typical Berlin clichés, but talk about strange but likeable habits, a day with the police, a language trip to Spain and their everyday life. Both are wonderfully fresh and you feel like a really good girlfriend evening. I am still listening to older episodes.

Plattform: Spotify

Muss das sein?

The podcast of Mirella and Flo is still quite fresh and both come from the YouTube corner. They talk about sustainability, ghosting, politics, the Quater-Life-Crisis and many more questions from life. The topics are so different that probably everyone will find something for himself. Every Monday there is a new episode. Also here I am not through yet.

Plattform: Spotify

Sprachnachrichten von Jacko

So far I knew Jacko Wusch only from YouTube and Instagram and I am still at the very beginning to listen to the existing episodes. In her podacast she talks about topics like getting older and how to make friends with it, productivity without stress and how to change bad habits. Many of the episodes were absolutely horizon widening and now I feel better with my age (who knows my article “Getting Older” knows what I’m talking about). She recently lost a family member like me and I could absolutely feel what she was going through. She has a wonderful way of addressing topics that we often only discuss with ourselves.

Plattform: Spotify, iTunes & Soundcloud

The podcasts A Little About A Lot, Thick & Thin and was, wenn? are next on the list. But they have one thing in common. All three podcasts are from YouTubers. From YouTube to Podcast? I don’t think podcasts will compete with videos because they’re very different. The next post will give my impression of the three podcasts.

Maybe there was a podcast for you or maybe you have some recommendations? I’m always looking forward to new input.

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