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Weekly Update KW43

an explanation, cats and new posts

Okay, I think there’s some explaining to do. First there was a break, then I was there again, then suddenly everything was set to private. A back and forth that was guaranteed not good for my blog. But I did it to protect myself and give myself the freedom to deal with anything. The past months have been marked by loss and a lot of crap. So many things have happened and so the tip of the iceberg was reached at the end of August. Since there was still a lot of work to do at that time, an immense pressure broke out in me. I’m better now, but I’m still not stress resistant. So now I take the liberty to post contributions if I feel good enough. That contradicts any algorithm, but I have to find the joy of blogging again. She is there, but her light is still small.

My Doorbell – The White Stripes Song of the Week Playlist

What’s the next step?
However, I used September to process old contributions and some of them are no longer online and won’t come back. On Wednesday there will be an article about podcasts and I’m working on the throwback about my mother (this was already online in another form) for Thursday and on the Mainz article. But I’m not sure when it will be online yet, because I’m still missing some pictures. And the Frankfurt post will be online again in November with new pictures.

October was productive
I was in Mainz for two weeks to dissolve the apartment. Except for some small things I am now at a point where I can’t do much on my own. Now I hope that people who can use furniture can find themselves. Most of them are 20 years old, but absolutely functional for the first WG. If you are looking for free furniture in Mainz-Kostheim, feel free to contact me. It concerns however self-collection, so consider this!
This week I drive down to Mainz again, after which I was a few days at home. Even though I like being in Mainz very much, it is always great to sleep in my own comfortable bed and to be able to watch so much Netflix without the data volume suffering.

Besides my new passive TikTok addiction (thanks to einfachinka), I still had time and enough data volume for a few videos on Youtube. I discovered the channel Talking Kitty Cat and got stuck. Here is one of my favorite videos.

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