24. November 2019
The golden City

M ainz is a city full of memories. I’ve had the idea of making a contribution about Mainz for a long time, but life came in between.

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14. April 2019

R ome is a wonderful city. I was there with friends for a week in 2012 and already had some posts about it online. 

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14. March 2019
First Schwebebahn Ride

Ha, finally I found the photos that show that I knew the Schwebebahn at a young age. At that time I was 9 years old (27.08.1993) and it was my first ride with the Schwebebahn.

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Berlin thumb
26. February 2019

TThe pictures of my Berlin travels were originally part of the gallery on my blog. Since they are no longer available, you can have a look at them here.

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9. February 2019

In the meantime it is 10 years since I lived in Cologne and so I created these pictures. We are high up the steps of the South Tower of Cologne Cathedral.

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