Old Home 1
8. August 2019
Old Home

Most of the pictures of my childhood were taken in Mainz. What I sometimes found too much or annoying at that time is now very valuable to me.

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31. May 2019
IKEA Hacks #1
Bedroom Edition

Who has read my old contributions, knows that I like to do something myself or try out a hack. Since many links in my old IKEA hack posts were no longer up to date and I start from scratch anyway, I divide the hacks into rooms this time.

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26. May 2019
Tangle Teezer

Ihad considered for a long time whether I should buy this product, since the price had first scared me off. This product fits exactly into the category “YouTube made me buy this”.

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A good laugh is a mighty good thing, and rather
too scarce a good thing the more’s the pity.

9. May 2019

This week I’m dedicating my grandma’s Thursday Throwback Post. For many years she has been my most important caregiver and a 2nd mother for me.

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