15. January 2019

My last trip to Brussels was in 2012, but these pictures were taken during a day trip by train in 2011.

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10. January 2019
Orange Car

Before my grandparents moved back to Mainz, she lived in Hammelburg. Except for the reddish asphalt on the motorway, I can hardly remember the trips to them.

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A good laugh is a mighty good thing, and rather
too scarce a good thing the more’s the pity.

3. January 2019
First Photo

Ifinally managed to pick out my old photos. Child of the 80s and classic in black and white. Sometimes I think it’s a pity that you can’t remember this time.

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1. January 2019

With the Netherlands I connect many beach walks and rough weather. Most of the time I was in October in the area around Westkapelle.

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