24. October 2019

My mother was a very special person. Since I can think she suffered from epilepsy and had to wash and clean.

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23. October 2019

Pictures by Spotify, iTunes & unsplash Until a few weeks ago, I couldn’t do much with podcasts. The concept was clear to me, but when the first podcasts did their laps 19 years ago, I didn’t like the content.

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21. October 2019
Weekly Update KW43
an explanation, cats and new posts

Okay, I think there’s some explaining to do. First there was a break, then I was there again, then suddenly everything was set to private.

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18. September 2019

Dry shampoos have been part of my emergency program for years.  Especially if you didn’t feel like it or didn’t have time to wash your hair they can be real situation savers.

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3 rat brothers thumbnail
29. August 2019
3 Rat Brothers

Otto, Remy and Grisu were born in 2011 and died in 2013/2014. I had already posted on an article about the three plus video (just uploaded again).

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Old Home 1
8. August 2019
Old Home

Most of the pictures of my childhood were taken in Mainz. What I sometimes found too much or annoying at that time is now very valuable to me.

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