28. March 2019
Very old

The photo was taken in the 20s of the 20th century and it says it all. It is not one where I can be seen, but an ancestor of mine.

Heisterbach, Germany Read More
14. March 2019
First Schwebebahn Ride

Ha, finally I found the photos that show that I knew the Schwebebahn at a young age. At that time I was 9 years old (27.08.1993) and it was my first ride with the Schwebebahn.

Wuppertal, Germany Read More
9. February 2019

In the meantime it is 10 years since I lived in Cologne and so I created these pictures. We are high up the steps of the South Tower of Cologne Cathedral.

Cologne, Germany Read More
7. February 2019
Schloss Burg

Ialways find it strange to live in the area where I spent my holidays as a child and teenager. A large part of my maternal relatives live in Wuppertal and I often spent a few weeks there in the summer.

Solingen, Germany Read More

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too scarce a good thing the more’s the pity.

24. January 2019
4 rats

The title of this picture could also be rats in the kitchen. The 4 rats were (from the left) Mira, Sisca, Phine and Kaya.

Düsseldorf, Germany Read More